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Hey There

I am Keniece Burks, founder of Her-bal, Licensed Medical Esthetician and Holistic Health Coach. I help people who are suffering with skin/health issues overcome their health challenges by helping them understand the harmonious synergy between their internal health and external beauty.

As 'all the above' my hope is to help guide you on your whole healing journey with great knowledge, compassion, and care. But first, allow me to share my personal journey with you. In 2011, my mother was diagnosed with colon cancer. She fought and beat it but it returned in 2017, the year I began esthetic school. She and our family were crushed, but not defeated. It was then I knew I needed to dive deeper into internal health/healing. I knew I didn't want to establish yet ANOTHER spa, but instead a WHOLE healing fortress. So, in 2018 Her-bal was conceived and in 2020, during a global pandemic I became a Holistic Health Coach, specializing in Gut Health. This is a part of my calling which I take extremely seriously. In December 2021 my mother transitioned from this earth but her legacy lives on through the MANY lives we have/will help to change for the better.

I welcome all those who are fed up living with adverse health concerns and are seeking to transition to a more holistic lifestyle. As I too have had my own struggles with adult hormonal acne and severe anemia. The wisdom I've gained over the years supports that having a strong mind, body and spirit connection is a matter of looking at the WHOLE person multidimensionally NOT just from one angle. I hope when you're truly fed up you consider Her-bal to partner with you on your journey. 


All About Me

I am a daughter, sister, and mother of a vibrant 9 year-old. My purpose is 'people'. Creating a solution on the earth from all the problems we face daily. I love all things nostalgia, the 80s/90s are some of my favorite eras of music, fashion, film, & love. I consider myself a Purpose Driven Creative as I am always creating purposefully.

Fun Fact: I write some bomb poetry that I am very proud of :-) 

I don't live in a fairy-tale, despite the ministry birthed through Her-bal. I too have 'not so good' days and choose to embrace those moments of emotional rush, which allows for a healthy release. 

My ADVICE: "Give UP Daily but do your best NOT to Quit."






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